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The Easiest Keto Meal Plan You'll Ever Try.

Unblock Your Weight Loss! 

  • In the first few days you will notice a real metabolism boost.
  • Flick that fat-burning switch to turbo-mode.
  • Supercharge your mood and energy levels.

Never Starve Yourself Again!

  • Feel full and satisfied. Never go to bed hungry.
  • You don't have to restrict yourself. Eat lots of delicious various keto meals.
  • Perfectly suited for keto beginners. Get into ketosis fast.

Simple. Easy. Quick!

  • No crazy special ingredients you've never heard of.
  • Quick and easy preparation. Nobody likes to be chained to the kitchen stove.
  • Keto on a budget. Preparation won't cost you a fortune. 

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Complete Ketogenic Food List (Worth $19)

  • 20 Healthy, Budget-Friendly, Fat-Burning Foods for the ‘Best Ketogenic-Results’ (Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine that losing weight can be that delicious, and half of them you may already have in your fridge!)
  • 10 Mouth-Watering, Simple-to-Find, Inexpensive, and Nutrient-Rich Ketogenic Foods that will demolish your afternoon and late evening fatigue (Once you add them to your daily regimen, you will feel almost an instant Energy Boost!)  
  • 20 Keto-Friendly Swaps for your favorite foods. The ULTIMATE guide to feed your cravings and stay on track! (Bread, Pizza, Lasagna, Rice, Pasta and Candy Swaps!)
  • 11 fruits you can actually ENJOY while on the Keto Diet and don’t feel guilty and worried about them stopping your progress 
  • ​27 Healthy, Keto-Friendly Snacks that will not put a single pound on your waist or hips (eat them whenever you feel hungry or just want to have a quick bite in between the main courses)
  • ​NO MORE CARB and CALORIE counting. The COMPLETE list of keto-approved foods. PLUS – five foods to AVOID.
  • ​"The Sneaky Label Method": Can’t Decide If The Grocery Food In-Front of You Is Keto? Use This Easy and Hassle-Free Method to Tell ANY Food Label Apart In Less than 20 Seconds!

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Keto And Intermittent Fasting Guide (Worth $19)

  • How to get into ketosis in 72 hours or less… (This is contrary to almost everything you've ever heard...but... it works like crazy. Just try it and be prepared to be amazed)
  • ​Why most people had problems with their weight even though they followed every advice out there! (And WHY this has much more to do with your ENERGY levels rather than what you eat)
  • ​7 tips to reach the stage of Ketosis with Turbo-Speed – I call it the state of Magic! (once you do that, all you need is to maintain it, and I’ll show you how)
  • Fasting Like A Shaolin Monk: The 3 Intermittent-Fasting Techniques for MAXIMUM Results in Record Times!

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Keto And Carbs Alternative Cheat Sheet (Worth $19)

Have you ever failed on a diet because of carb cravings? I doubt anyone hasn't experienced that before.

That’s why I’m also going to give you my comprehensive keto-carb alternative cheat sheet.

You’ll LOVE my 100 easy and tasty alternatives for your favorite carb recipes and treats.

Such as bread, rice, flour, pasta, lasagna, pizza crust and so much more.

When you have this valuable resource, you WON’T ever crave regular carbs again.

That way you can easily stay on keto - with no carb cravings!


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8 Full-Blown Mouthwatering Bonus Cookbooks (Worth $59)

Swipe through the slides to see all cookbooks...

  • 77 Keto Dessert Recipes (Perfect for Sugar Cravings!)
  • ​100 Keto Dinner Recipes That You Can Prepare In 20 Minutes Or Less
  • ​Hot & Crispy Keto Pizza Classics
  • ​5 Delicious & Creamy Keto Cake Recipes
  • ​25 Keto Chicken and Thanksgiving Recipes
  • ​5 Yummy Keto Recipes For Christmas and Other Holidays
  • ​12 Yummy & Healthy Keto Breakfast Recipes
  • ​5 Keto Bread Recipes That Taste Better Than Store-Bought Bread

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